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The actions and experience of the management create a solid foundation for Compensation Plan relationships within the marketplace. It is a model for effective development and attracting new investors and jewelry stores to cooperate with the platform on a mutually beneficial and profitable basis.

WHY WE RELY ON AN Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan component is one of the most effective systems for promoting companies or products around the world through the attraction of partners on the basis of self-incentive mechanisms and sharing of revenues. The geometric progression of Compensation Plan system expansion as members and partners start to connect ensures a steady stream of users and highly effective word-of-mouth marketing and advertising.

On the Affluence platform, the networking system provides an opportunity to quickly form a community around the token, as well as around the internal marketplace. Compensation Plan contributes to the token’s monetization and liquidity, as well as its backing from the real jewelry sector.

Affluence is a mutually beneficial and reliable business that has potential for development and capitalization for many years into the future, given the growing interest of the global economy towards precious metals and jewelry


Once you decide to build your team on our platform, you get an access to a number of opportunities.


Highly profitable marketing


Reliable and transparent cooperation


Training from the best players in the business


Open an office in your region


Meetings in the most luxurious cities of the world on regular basis

Download our pdf presentation to learn about Compensation Plan system in details and decide to cooperate with us!